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Personal Protection

The company has always focussed on the many different areas of personal protection, from Corporate and Private, to VIP and Celebrity. Our service to clients always includes a reconnaissance of the immediate surroundings and the dangers therein. Personal Protection is always based on a number of different factors which are fine-tuned to ensure that the client's safety is never compromised, while allowing threats to be safely neutralised without compromising the client's quality of life.


Basic approach:

  • Risk assessment (including already existing measures)
  • Background investigation
  • Cooperation with police and officials
  • Analysing acquired knowledge
  • Security concepts

Possible measures:

  • sensitizing the client of all possible risks and precautions
  • sensitizing the clients close environment
  • Procurement of all required equipment
  • Adaptation of security measures regarding all relevant properties
  • Reconnaissance
  • Documentation
  • Close Protection
  • Training of personnel (including drivers)

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